I’m interested in everything to do with Islam. Islamic facts, Muslim personalities, Islamic history, what the media says about Islam online and offline as well as how technology, science and life in general lead us to remember and be in awe of our Creator, Allah.

As a graduate of sharia as well as a therapist with 11 years of experience and a business consultant, I work with individuals and groups to find better solutions and remove current obstacles.

Some thoughts

I tend to see things differently. I see the interaction of Islam with an individual as one of  protection and nourishment – why would The Creator, The Master of masters, Allah… why would he prohibit that ? why would he command that ?

“Allah Dictates for you ease and does not Dictate for you hardship” – Baqarah: 185

I look around and I see so many people talking about how barbaric and backward Islam is… and it’s just plain wrong. Sharia is often misunderstood and limited to just sharia punishment (hudud) and this is inaccurate. Sharia is a way of life, in Arabic it means ‘the way’ or ‘a path’. Sharia is the comprehensiveness of Islam – it spans from punishment to politics, from health to food, from interactions between humans to how humans interact with animals.

Even if we were to limit Sharia to just Sharia punishment, whether it’s cutting off a hand or flogging an adulterer – it’s all mercy and if you’ve studied Islamic law, you’d know that it’s kinder on individuals and society than anything that exists or has existed.

For example, it’s very difficult, if not nearly impossible, in Islamic law to accuse someone of having committed fornication… and the conditions for cutting a hand are very stringent.

The Quran is The Word of Allah (swt). It is a message of Guidance to mankind. It leads us on a straight path to success, both in this world and the one to come. It is comprehensive.

The Quran, this message of Mercy, was sent with an unlettered Prophet named Muhammad (pbuh). A man who was sent himself as mercy to mankind, with a message of mercy from The Most Merciful.

The number of people who accepted and submitted to the word of God (Allah in Arabic) grew one by one, until with God’s Grace the necessary momentum was reached. Then Islam spread peacefully throughout the world, creating a large Muslim community, un-divided by race, culture or geography. United only by the rope of Allah (swt).

Today, Muhammad is the most popular name in the world. From Muhammad Ali to Muhammad in school or in the local shop. Not just in a Muslim family is this name to be found, but amongst those born into a family outside of the faith, Muhammad is a popular choice.

The name represents perseverance, patience, love, peace, brilliance, generosity, kindness, understanding and total submission to The Creator (pbuh).

In recent history, the state of the Muslim community worldwide has been very weak as they had deviated from the teachings of The Message sent to them by their Creator. Muslim men and Muslim women forgot their roles in society.

They forgot that Islam was comprehensive, that it was all encompassing. They forgot that their Creator had Created them and had rights upon them. They become in many ways secular. Splitting religion from life.

In Egypt, shortly after the fall of the Caliphate, a young man, a schoolteacher called Hassan al-Banna (14 Oct 1906 to 12 Feb 1949) formed what is now known as The Muslim Brotherhood. A name used throughout history by Muslims to describe the love and bonds between them.

His aim was to liberate the Muslim individual by detaching their hearts from the love of this dunya (world) and enriching their minds with the core Islamic studies. Each liberated individual would then be responsible for liberating his family and those closest to him. Together they would liberate their immediate society. Then they would liberate their lands from anything blasphemous or opposing to the teachings of Islam… and so on till the greatest of the Muslim Brotherhood’s goals: for the Muslim nation to become the teachers or guides of humanity.

He is widely held to be the mujadid (renewer) of the 20th century. His works have been the inspiration for much of the modern day Islamic revival. Whether it’s Islamic media like Islam Channel or Peace TV to Islamic charities like Islamic relief of human relief international, his constant reminders that Islam is a comprehensive religion have seeped into and re-invigorated the very roots nation to rise once again.

To give you a flavour of some of what I post about, here’s an example post that I did a while back:

Why I Love Being An Islamist

I hear it all the time… people being ‘accused’ of being Islamists. For me it’s a huge complement. I love being an Islamist !

But then I hear the non-Islamists getting offended, claiming that the Islamists call them kuffar. Hmmm…

It’s not right for a Muslim to call another a kaffir and if one Muslim calls another a kaffir then one of them is, as per the instructions of The Prophet, peace be upon him… so the one calling might be the kaffir and not the one being called. It’s a very serious accusation with serious implications/ramifications !

I do want to say something though: the term Islamist has a few of linguistic implications:

  • the one being called an Islamist is more Muslim than the one branding him/her
  • that there is something about Islam that the brander doesn’t like
    • they claim that Islam doesn’t belong in Politics and so an Islamist is someone who wants to force Islam into Politics… and that argument falls on it’s head – to be explained in a different post insha Allah.
  • if the brander opposes Islamists then (s)he supports non-Islamists and since an Islamist (Islam – ist) is pro Islam, then this implies that they are pro non-Islam. Therefore, they’re pro kufr.
    • even if they just limit this to the scope of Politics, though the term Islamist of itself doesn’t limit this. The term political Islamist might, but they don’t use that.
      • Even if it was to be limited in scope, they would be pro-kufr in politics ?!

So actually, by branding someone an Islamist, a liberalist is unwittingly branding themselves a kufr-ist. Liberals like to consider themselves smart, hmmmm.

When I read a headline: “Egypt in turmoil over islamist constitution” – I can’t help but laugh. So a Muslim country with a Muslim population can’t have an Islamic constitution ?

But they use the term Islamist because it is supposed to only imply politics… but a constitution is so much more than politics ! It’s the value system of a country ! And what is religion if not at the very least a value system ?!!

Bloody idiots.

Check this headline out: “West prepares to ban Syria’s Islamist rebels” – who cares what the article actually says, i haven’t read it… but look at the use of the term Islamist. It’s disgusting.

And this headline: “The ‘Patriots’ and the difficulty of being a Turkish Islamist” – what is more patriotic than a government that revolutionises the social and economic state of a falling, rotting country. The ‘Islamists’ of Turkey have saved their country from a self-imposed disaster. Yet, the media twist and lie.

I don’t blame them because they have an agenda and their twisted objectives. I blame the people who read that rubbish and believe it !

So in that post one of my primary objectives was to un-spin the negative connotations associated with the words and to shed light upon the irony of this term being used by some Muslims to brand other Muslims.

Mostly the posts aren’t anywhere near as textually taxing. Here’s another example:

Hell is Hotter

How hot does that look ?

It’s just a star. Hell is hotter. May Allah safeguard us from it.

The length of the eruption extends about 160,000 miles out from the Sun. With Earth about 7,900 miles in diameter, this relatively minor eruption is about 20 times the diameter of our planet.